Diseases from the Waist down – Concerns Everyone

Man and genital infections: three main attributes that tell about the presence of the disease. How not to miss the disease and what is worth paying close attention? Men’s phrase “genitourinary infections” is firmly associated with STI clinic, thinking at the same time that for a decent person and family man to appear in the clinic is a shame.

There is some truth, but filled with urological department eloquently say that in the groundmass these infections do not bound with a “love” of such cases. However, men often by confusing symptoms, and self-exposing themselves diagnoses secretly “heal” themselves to severe complications.

The Main Symptoms of Male Diseases

There is first and main symptom. If you are not a professional, you would not think, clutching at the back, that the problem is just not in the back, and lies deeper, and you have the classic symptoms of renal colic. In other diseases may almost imperceptibly pull the abdomen, giving in the waist. There are a lot of variants here, but all this – the pain. Do not think, do not guess, and be aware that to determine the source of pain at the present level of development of diagnostic methods – is matter of a few tens of minutes.

Because of the complex anatomy of the male urinary tract, cramps and burning may be symptoms of a variety of diseases – from cystitis and urethritis to gonorrhea. And to put an end to the diagnosis will help laboratory at the clinic. It is not necessary to hope that “everything goes”: there is a risk that untreated acute inflammation goes into the chronic stage, and gonorrhea almost guaranteed to lead to infertility.

Main symptoms:

  • Pain in the abdomen and/or back;
  • Burning sensation when urinating;
  • Changing the smell and the color of urine.

In the first case we can talk about inflammation, and the second – about the most serious diseases of the kidneys, and even about oncology. However, urine may also change the color and after some specific foods or during reception of some kinds of drugs. But again, reassurance and a visit to the clinic in this case will not be superfluous.

Urethral Infection – a Threat to Men’s Health

On the topic of male urinary infections symptoms can be signed with a dozen more subtitles, but the main ones are still listed above. Well, if briefly, then add here:

  • fever inflammatory diseases;
  • itching;
  • difficulty urinating;
  • changes in skin and mucous membranes;
  • erectile dysfunction and libido in general.

Furthermore, some diseases are asymptomatic, and to detect their course is possible only through laboratory tests. Many men, by the way, periodically undergo medical examinations independently. And is rightly so. In any case, do not write off the symptoms of age or stress, and most importantly – do not hope for a favorable outcome without treatment. With timely treatment any urogenital infection is treatable.

Not Lethal Disease

There is another disease; it is not lethal, but very unpleasant: type 2 of diabetes, or non-insulin dependent. He chooses thick men who love a tasty meal, much to lie, sit in the office and get around the gym. Fat begins to accumulate in the liver and other internal organs, causing fast their dysfunction, and excess accumulation of a critical mass of visceral fat – is one of the major risk factors in the occurrence of diabetes.

Tip: mercifully, if a man with a belly remembers that he is a man, and takes him in hand, begins to comply with the treatment regimen on doctor`s consultations, gives up harmful food in large quantities and remember how to move from step to run, – he quickly will achieve sustained remission. And untreated diabetes will be unpleasant, but won`t disturb with the written note in the hospital card.