Effective treatments for baldness in men

Problem of hair loss is faced daily by huge number of men, according to statistics, only 20% of strong manages to preserve integrity of hairline by age of 50.

It is also confirmed by fact that if in past baldness overtook men aged 35-45 years, today alopecia is noticeably younger, and already 18-25-year-olds are faced with visible thinning of hair.

In order not to remain completely bald by age of 50, you need to think about your problem from early age, especially if it has tangible effect on your appearance. Anti-fallout shampoos aren`t always the best help to deal with cause of alopecia, first of all, it`s to understand causes of its occurrence, and after that to select effective treatment methods.

First signs of hair loss

All of us periodically lose hair, which, in principle, is absolutely normal process: 40-100 hairs that fell out in one day shouldn`t cause much alarm. Life of hair is approximately 3-5 years, after which it dies and falls out, and new one grows from same hair follicle.

Serious signs of baldness in men are hair that remains on collar of shirt or on pillow, as well as noticeable visual hair thinning.

It is also necessary to monitor her condition if there is chance of heredity (early alopecia in father or mother) and take action at first signs. To cope with this problem or, at least, tangibly stop its development, in reality, main thing is to address it in time.

Causes of Alopecia in Men

To find right treatment, you need to understand disease causes. Why is this happening? Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question, but, in any case, state of permanent hair loss is bad signal that may indicate internal diseases or lack of any beneficial elements in body. One way or another, this is problem that becomes for many men serious psychological test, especially if it overtakes them at particularly young age. So this can be connected with:

  • It plays important role in determining baldness cause, which can be caused by hereditary hair loss gene. In this case, unpleasant process can begin at any time after reaching puberty.
  • Specialists noticed long ago that during nervous overvoltages and serious stressful situations hair loss greatly increases. Fact is that state of stress adversely affects blood circulation, which, in turn, leads to inadequate nutrition of hair, as result of which they stop growing and die. Infections.
  • Severe infectious diseases, especially those that are accompanied by high temperatures, as well as hidden chronic infections that occur almost unnoticed by humans.
  • Hormonal disorders, diseases of thyroid gland, in particular its hypofunction (insufficient intensity of work), edema of thyroid gland and its increase.
  • Improper nutrition, ecology. For healthy and normal growth of beautiful hair, you need proper nutrition, in which there is healthy food, vegetables, fruits and herbs in large volumes. Lack of vitamins B, E and C, as well as iron deficiency is another common cause of problem.

Alopecia Treatment

If problem has already appeared, what to do and how to deal with its manifestations? Today there are large number of medical techniques that help to cope with problem of falling hair, you need to choose one that best suits your situation.

You can use the methods of physiotherapy, which, due to physical effects on scalp, improve blood circulation of subcutaneous layer, enhance metabolic processes, as well as contribute to better penetration and absorption of nutrients.

This may be iontophoresis, microcurrent therapy, electrostimulation, cryotherapy, vacuum massage and so on. All these methods are quite effective in initial stages of disease, but if hair loss is impressive, such methods may not have desired result. In this case, the only way out of this situation can be hair transplant. It is quick and painless procedure. You can try to use external means, most popular of which are preparations based on substance of Minoxidil, which promotes enhanced hair growth.