Hair to hair: how to stop baldness?

We find out what other reasons, besides hormonal ones, cause hair to thin, and why it`s so important to refuse lamination sometimes.

A couple of decades ago, they complained about early baldness in 21-22 years old, and today hair transplantation is performed in 16 years. And not only men, as it`s commonly believed, are actively bald, but also women.

Why do we go bald?

It`s “we”: practice shows that women face thinning of hair almost more often than men. Bald patches on their heads begin to appear as result of frequent manipulations with hair (dyeing, curling, straightening) and experiments with cosmetics for hair. Simply, they aren`t so noticeable due to genetic features: thinning areas are evenly distributed throughout head.

In addition, women are faster than men, begin to sound alarm and look for ways to stop hair loss. But to think that sexual trait – determining when hair loss, will be mistake. Problem of thinning, graying and active hair loss can occur in everyone and at any age.

Main factor affecting thickness of hair – genetic predisposition. But one shouldn`t look at father and mother: most often heredity is determined by grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts and uncles (in 70% of cases on maternal line). In addition, main causes of loss are hormonal features and circulatory disorders of scalp. But today other factors have been added to these factors.

Bad environmental situation

Hair has partially porous structure and looks like sponge. In big city, it absorbs all its vapors and odors (exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, various radiations) and becomes “less healthy”.

Improper nutrition

Adherents of trendy nutrition systems, such as raw foods and vegetarianism, tend to be deficient in protein in body, which leads to problems with hair (it is main building material for hair shaft). It`s very important that meat, fish, poultry, and eggs be present in diet. In addition, it`s better to avoid chemically synthesized products. But even with standard nutrition in some people, vitamins and trace elements can be poorly absorbed.

Then you need to take special preparations with vitamins of group B (B6, B7, B12), which are very important for matrix of bulb that produces hair. Vitamins C and E (antioxidants that protect bulb from free radicals) and vitamin D, which affects health of scalp, play important role in health of hair.

New hair care products and treatments

Sometimes poor-quality cosmetics leads to hair loss. But, unfortunately, there is no panacea. Suitable tools are selected by trial and error, taking into account characteristics of hair and scalp.

Here is one tip: listen to yourself. If after washing your head there is feeling of tightness, burning, itching, it`s better to change remedy. Special mention deserve salon procedures for care. Build-up, biolamination, keratinization, plasma-lifting and other manipulations cannot improve condition of hair at cellular level and give, at best, visible effect. But they can seriously harm them.

How to treat?

With development of technology, hair transplant surgery has become available to majority (and even patients are no longer shy to consult doctor). But today, many patients in early stages of baldness can be helped by conservative treatment method. And here it`s important to understand that problem with hair more often lies not in severe hair loss, but in their defective, impaired restoration.