How To Accelerate Hair Growth: Expert Recommendations

There is hardly a woman who refuses to have thick, well-groomed, long hair. In our youth, we perceive healthy hair as given and carefree about caring for them and scalp. So up to 30 years, every girl inevitably faces loss, thinning, cross-section, brittleness and other troubles with hair. How to accelerate growth of hair on head, returning their strength to envy of Rapunzel? We will talk about it.

What determines hair growth speed?

To understand whether it`s possible to accelerate hair growth, let us go back to sources: external and internal factors of influence. On average, hair grows by 1-1.5 cm/month. Therefore, it`s better to immediately accept fact that 15 cm in month they wouldn`t grow with all our desire.

It`s also impossible not to notice that all hair grows at different rates. This is influenced by gender, age, genetics, nutrition, care, hormones, dysbacteriosis, impaired blood flow, iron deficiency, state of nervous system and body as a whole, taking various medications, seasonality (they grow faster in summer than in winter) and even day time ( day hair growth is in more active phase), ecology.

How to accelerate hair growth?

Trichologists believe that it`s easy to get long hair up to 30 years, then growth process slows down significantly. However, it can be successfully stimulated.

Hair Growth Products

Trichologists are unanimous: balanced diet is the key to healthy and beautiful hair. For example, to strengthen hair (read: from falling out), nutrition should include foods rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids – they contribute to increase in density of hair structure.

Beans, lentils will stand in good stead with hair due to vegetable protein. Liver, eggs (especially yolks), and nuts, will make up for deficiency of most important element of biotin. Pumpkin seeds, spinach and sesame will become sources of iron, irreplaceable for hair.

But if we don`t focus on strengthening, but on growth, then in order to speed it up twice, we’ll have to put on very specific list of food: salmon (omega-3, protein, vitamin D), yellow bell pepper ( it contains more vitamin C), seeds (vitamin E), avocado (fatty acids), almonds, egg yolk (biotin), carrots + olive oil (beta-carotene), oysters (zinc). Don`t forget also about daily intake of flaxseed and olive oil, fish oil – they are also rich in omega-3, -6, -9 fatty acids.

Vitamins that accelerate hair growth

Manufacturers of beauty complexes for scalp know reason for slow growth of hair in winter – in vitamin deficiency. Therefore, they charge their emulsions and serums with vitamins necessary for accelerating hair growth, namely vitamins of groups A, B, C, E:

  • Vitamin A retains moisture in hair structure and prevents their loss.
  • Vitamin B is absolutely indispensable for accelerating growth: especially B1, B6, B7, B12.
  • Vitamin C stimulates blood circulation of scalp, due to which food is more likely to enter hair follicles.
  • Vitamin E provides hair strength and healthy shine.

By the way, with rhythm of a big city, few people manage to follow special diet. Then ready-made vitamin complexes become ideal way out. Their advantage is that they are often represented by double formula for day and night reception, taking into account different daily phases of hair growth – this is already blow to target. However, nutrition and vitamins helping hair follicles, solve only problem of loss and stimulation of growth. That which is outside – hair itself – will have to be taken care of separately with help of special care.

Scalp massage for hair growth

Not the last role in stimulating hair growth plays self-massage. Experts advise him to devote at least five minutes a day, then it will be possible to maintain growth, and at same time strengthen hair in follicles and increase them in volume. It turns out that hair becomes thin from effects of hormone dihydrotestosterone – hormones change and hair seems to be getting smaller.

So, how to stimulate blood flow to scalp? The easiest way is to gently act on different areas of head with fingertips. This, by the way, can be a kind of meditation for relaxation. We also remember about massage brushes: Tangle Teezer, comb with teeth of different thickness from nylon, Clarette brush with massage teeth and boar bristles, universal brush with metal needles, and even skeletal comb with sparse teeth.

From medical point of view, combing hair has complex function: cleansing, massage and even distribution of sebum – natural “fertilizer” to strengthen and protect hair. Comb your hair twice a day for 10 minutes – and you will be happy, trichologists will testify.

Hair growth accelerators

In vain, many complain that there isn`t enough time for additional hair care. Masks, for example, don`t require any complicated manipulations, moreover – some of them can be done right while washing your hair. But, in addition to hair care, they stimulate their growth by acting on hair follicle. However, regularity is important in this matter: they should be done about twice a week. If hair needs to be restored, then mask should be applied more often.