Rewards and Prizes at the OC Marathon Running Festival

The 19th annual SDCCU OC Marathon Running Festival is a sold-out event that draws thousands of runners from all walks of life. From elementary school students to octogenarians, from occasional joggers to elite competitors, this marathon has something for everyone. The course is fast and downhill, with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the Orange County coast. Qualifying athletes can receive free entry to the race, an elite number, and a cash prize for the circuit records in which they are considered elite in.

This is a great incentive for those looking to compete at the highest level. The marathon has 2,650 participants and the half marathon has attracted more than 9,500 people. With such a large turnout, there are special awards and prizes available for those who excel in their respective categories. The organizers of the event have put together a comprehensive list of rewards and prizes for those who qualify.

These include cash prizes for circuit records, medals for top finishers, and special recognition for those who complete the race in record time. For those looking to take part in the marathon running festival in Orange County, there are plenty of awards and prizes available. Whether you're an elite competitor or just out for a leisurely walk, you can be sure to find something that will make your experience even more rewarding.