Everything You Need to Know About Video Recording at Marathons in Orange County

Are you looking to record a video at a marathon in Orange County? If so, you should be aware of the special rules and regulations that apply. In California, it is illegal to record a conversation in which you are participating without the consent of all parties involved. However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, if you are recording police or other public officials carrying out their job responsibilities in a publicly accessible place, such as a park or street, you have the right to do so without their permission.

Additionally, the law does not prohibit recording videos of government procedures that are open to the public. The Orange County Marathon is one of three marathons that make up the “Beach Cities Challenge”, which also includes the Long Beach and Surf City marathons. The race course offers runners views of the sea and the coastal climate. It is also a qualifier for the Boston Marathon. The marathon will take place this Sunday and runners will cover a 26.2-mile route from Newport Beach to Costa Mesa.

Tickets for the marathon are sold out, but if you plan on running in it, cheering up the runners or avoiding going near it, here is everything you need to know. First off, if you plan on recording videos at the marathon, make sure that all parties involved have given their consent. Navy veteran Collin McSpirit (right), who lost a leg in a motorcycle accident, shares an emotional moment at the finish line of the OC marathon with his brother, the California Navy's first lieutenant. California state law is intended to punish the recording of conversations in which all contributing parties have not given their consent, but it does not prohibit such recordings in cases where the communication occurs in a public place, during a government process, or in a situation where other people can easily hear. If you plan on attending the marathon on Saturday afternoon, make sure to buy your package and enjoy the festival celebration and run its 5 km. After that, stay and enjoy the bands.

Virtual races are unofficial results and do not count for any qualifying standards. Finally, make sure to follow all safety protocols and regulations while recording videos at marathons in Orange County. Make Orange County a safe, healthy, and satisfying place to live, work and play, today and for generations to come by providing outstanding and cost-effective regional public services.